Easy DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

One of the features of our backyard I’ve received a lot of comments on and questions about is our outdoor chalkboard fence. Out near their sandbox play area, the kids have an area of the fence where they have free reign to doodle, draw & draft chalkboard masterpieces. It’s tons of fun! I love having them play outside and I love celebrating their creativity! The outdoor chalkboard fence is the perfect blend of outdoor play and artistic expression.

There are two oh-so-very-simple ways to set this up:

Option 1:

Grab some chalkboard paint from your local paint or hardware store. You’ll want to make sure your fence has a nice, smooth texture before applying the paint, so you may want to sand or prime the surface first. Once the paint has dried, start drawing away!

Option 2:

Draw right on your fence as-is! If you have an older wooden fence that’s either crafted from dark wood or already painted to a darker color, you may find chalk will stick to it without even repainting. If this is the case, grab some chalk and start drawing.

You’ll want to be sure to use either blackboard or sidewalk chalk, and it should rinse off easily with your garden hose (or, as we discovered, a little bit of rain). You can usually find plenty of chalk at the dollar store to keep stocked up on your art supplies for cheap!

Have fun with this project! And stay wild!

Our Three Peas
Summer Days


  1. This is fantastic! We put a mdf board painted with chalkboard paint up on the side of the house and it is brilliant all year round. My husband enjoys it almost as much as the girls!
    Thanks for joining us this week and hope to see you for more #SummerDays fun next week!


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