What I learned in my first week of blogging

ArrowsWatercolour_09I started this blog about a week ago and it’s been super fun! It’s given me a little bit of sanity while on my maternity leave with my Tiny Princess (baby #3) and I’m excited to continue to chronicle the adventures of my wild little brood here.

I was pretty clueless when I started (and honestly still am), but I feel like I’ve already made some pretty big strides.

Here are a few of the things I learned right away:

  • The blogging community is amazing! Everyone is incredibly helpful and encouraging and supportive. I’ve received really awesome instructions and feedback and am tremendously grateful. #bloggerlove
  • I learned about linkys! I would have never figured this out on my own – but it’s so simple! I’ve received some traffic to my blog and made some great connections and, in turn, I’ve found some other great blogs & bloggers to follow and have read some really amazing posts. As a life-long introvert, blog link ups are quite possibly my new favorite form of social engagement.
  • I’m finding my voice. It might sound clichΓ© or simple, but there have been some “free to be me” moments when looking at my family this week and thinking about what my perspective on life really is when I’m challenged to sum it up in words. It’s therapeutic. It’s cathartic. In many ways it’s just what I needed.
  • I love my life! Really. I’m just so unbelievably blessed. My house is messy and our lives are wild – but living in the midst of these moments of energy and life lived loud is beautiful. It’s so joy-filled. I want to be present in each of these moments and be fully awake to the amazing gifts in each new day.

Thanks for reading! Let’s keep the adventure going!


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  1. You are doing awesome and have done so much in one week! Congrats on joining linkys, it’s the best way to get to know other bloggers. πŸ™‚

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